Fuel Delivery for Construction EquipmentFuel Delivery for Construction Equipment
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Keep Growing...We Will Do Our Part
Keep Growing...
We will do our part.
We keep your tank full
A warm home in the winter...A warm home in the winter...
A warm home in
the winter...
We Keep You GoingWe Keep You Going
We keep you going...
man pumping fuel into construction vehicle
man filling fuel tank for farming
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Since 1937, Propst Brothers has kept our community growing – and going – by providing petroleum products and service to Cabarrus and surrounding counties. E10 gasoline, conventional (non-ethanol) gasoline, on road diesel, off road diesel fuel, home heating oil, and kerosene are available, priced fairly and delivered conveniently and efficiently to:

CONSTRUCTION: Tanks, Generators, Wet Lining Equipment
TRUCKING: Tanks, Fleets, Refrigerated Trailers, DEF
MUNICIPAL: Tanks, Fleets, Generators, Emergency Service
FARMING & CONSTRUCTION: Tanks, Generators, Packaged Lubricants/Grease
RESIDENTIAL: Home Heating Oil and Kerosene

We appreciate the opportunity to discuss your specific fuel needs…let us be your solution!


Propst Brothers has a rich history in Cabarrus County and the surrounding areas, providing fuel services for more than 80 years. Our third-generation, family-owned company is committed to excellence as we serve the families, farms, and businesses of our community.